Famous Charity Campaigns All Around The World

Famous Charity Campaigns

Making money is not easy, but charity campaigns effective and well-organized programs can make a big difference when it comes to attracting people to support your cause. One of the best ways to create engaging advertising strategies is to learn from the success of others.

To help you, we have compiled some of the latest charities and contributions from many different unemployment agencies to inspire you to earn more money! 

1. Keep New Zealand Beautiful

KNZB is using the humorous side to solve the waste problem in New Zealand, creating a highly engaging campaign that drives traffic to their website. Their humorous video series featuring Mother Nature is a perfect example of this fun movement, educating and inspiring viewers to do their part. 

2. Movember & Unmute – Ask Him

This nonprofit organization for help appeal for aid aims to make it easier for friends and family to support males with mental health issues. This commercial employs a unique camera technique that depicts guys at work on a daily basis. Viewers may hear guys speak about their challenges at the end of the film, highlighting the significance of listening in on mental health concerns.

3. ExplainEpilepsy

A good example of how charities and businesses can work together to make a difference, #ExplainEpilepsy is a joint venture between Young Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Society and a River Island fashion retailer. The campaign of a charity organization for children is promoted through compelling and limited media within a week of events where sponsors have the opportunity to explain the disease in their own words, online and win prizes.

4. Cycle For Survival

It is not the charity itself that has developed this program, but the sponsors of the charity like charity organization for the homeless. This campaign has grown exponentially since its first lifetime in 2007 and now raises $ 39 million annually for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, highlighting the importance of not only engaging your donors but giving them power. 

5. Social Impact Dashboard

The Street League examines one of the most frequently asked questions when asking: Where does their money go? The charity social impact dashboard uses 12-month data to show supporters how to use their contributions and feelings, as well as the success and challenges of the charities. This new tool highlights the importance of having a platform that not only captures your data collection data but also provides insight into and engages your supporters. 

6. Over the Edge

Events at FaithCentre and Interfaith Human Services are excellent examples of how your community can invest in programs based on programs. The event attracts peer-to-peer fundraisers and participants, who have the chance to fly in-house up to 12 times if they raise $ 1,000. Not only does it allow current sponsors to reach out and expand the organization’s donor foundations, but it also provides fun activities that keep the community afloat integrates and allows you to collect additional donations on the site

7. Fight cancer and the CVS pharmacy

Online fundraisers have set aside more than $ 20 million for cancer screening. The campaign is fueled by in-store sales and a hilarious video titled “A Dollar’s Worth.” This is a simple and effective campaign that demonstrates the impact even small donations can have when giving people different ways to donate (such as online, in person, money, credit or debit).

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